CP 123.5: Large Marge

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CP 123: Pilot

We're trying a short form of CP for a bit while we wait for new updates and see where the game is going.  Take a watch, and subscribe so you can see the next one!

CP 122: Running Blue

This week we're joined by Blue from 4L. We discuss how scouts should never aim, which wiki is "f'n trash", and how to ask terrible quickfire questions on the fly.

CP 121: Laser Focused on Status

STATUS! STATUS! You know you'll never get sick of it... it's delightful... and magnificent... and you'll never, ever, EVER get sick of that bumper. We even have have a special guest to take Eric's place this week... Bitburner from Minecrap.com! Join us while we discuss Notch's superspecial new hat, the rehash of last week's Saint's Row content, and a host of preposterous new weapon ideas from Watson.

CP 119: A Stern Talking To

It's been a spooky, spooky week. So we rehash our experiences with Eyeaduct, ponder the stern talking to we got from Valve, talk about sliding sappers, discuss an all-star TF2 mix-up, and find out what we look like in our listener's head.