CP 99: The Third Christmas Episode

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good fight!


  • “This Means War” by JohnnyNapalm
  • “My Ubersaw” by Andy of Comix Inc.
  • “Spencer The Lonely Heavy” by Frekydelic
  • “It’s Beginning to look alot like Dustbowl” by JohnMazz, Snuggernaut, ManWithTheGoldenBuns, CoRn & Buwchbach
  • “God Rest You” by Gehn
  • “Heavy Claus is Coming to Town” by Snuggernaut
  • “Goldrush Time Is Near” performed by MilkshakeMan / lyrics by Randominuyasha
  • “Sticky Bombs” by Mooseman & Donquixote
  • “Take This and Die” by ManWithTheGoldenBuns
  • “State of the Season” by JohnnyNapalm
  • “State of the Season” Intro/Outro by Bob Mills
  • Download songs from this episode and previous episodes here. (forum reg required)
  • Episode graphic by JackAxeWell

CP 98: Death By Stupid

There are a few little stupid things, okay I’ll be honest, there are alot of stupid things going on in this episode. Other not-so-stupid things consist of an announcement of the Demo/Soldier update, more TF2 lore, and Wes as a furry. Yes, that last one was quite stupid.


CP 97: Hearing Aids

Eric is sick this week, but on an unrelated topic… The Announcer’s lover is revealed!