CP 122: Running Blue

This week we're joined by Blue from 4L. We discuss how scouts should never aim, which wiki is "f'n trash", and how to ask terrible quickfire questions on the fly.

CP 121: Laser Focused on Status

STATUS! STATUS! You know you'll never get sick of it... it's delightful... and magnificent... and you'll never, ever, EVER get sick of that bumper. We even have have a special guest to take Eric's place this week... Bitburner from Minecrap.com! Join us while we discuss Notch's superspecial new hat, the rehash of last week's Saint's Row content, and a host of preposterous new weapon ideas from Watson.

CP 119: A Stern Talking To

It's been a spooky, spooky week. So we rehash our experiences with Eyeaduct, ponder the stern talking to we got from Valve, talk about sliding sappers, discuss an all-star TF2 mix-up, and find out what we look like in our listener's head.

CP 115: DWPP 2011

We are live this week at the DWPP 2011. We have a full house so hold on tight!

CP 114: Mojache The Moon Princess Returns!!

Riding down out of the clouds on a Pink Unicorn, Rob Moran, aka Mojache the Moon Princess, brandishes her heavy shotgun, unleashing Hale's Storm on everyone. Which apparently causes Spencer to cuss and use oil in various ways, which in turn, makes Eric edit alot, and madness ensues! Join us this week as we discuss what's happening in the Control Pointisphere.


CP 113: TFC

TFC?  Yeah you know me.. now the campaign to make it free!  Now that would be a decree, and please stop listening when we talk about the bee.  Cause it's not a fun topic you see.  Be free, the the dwpp.  That's right, I said free. Like this episode, 113.


CP 111: Burnt Coplan

Another week, another story of Brent's magnificent shotgun. You'd think we'd get tired of the topic, but we keep getting to hear about how freakin' awesome it is. And now we even get to watch him frag us with a phallic rocket launcher. So instead, we fly away to a faraway place where we dream of haberdasheries for hardware, the origin of the heavy's lunch, and overenlarged scouts. Bon Voyage!


CP 110: Trading Schmading.. WHERE'S ERIC?!

The DWPN Just isn't the same without Eric Fullerton, and neither was this episode. In an Homage to Eric, I am writing this post in the past, looking at the future. A sort of posting Time Travel. He digs that stuff, and he digs that guy from Evil Dead as well. Anyways, he's at Dragon*Con and we've got a guest this week, Commander Schwegs, from the Unusual Trading Community who is going to tell us how to fill our backpacks up, without having to beg audience listeners for extra gear! Though we'll still do that.. It just wouldn't be the same...ya know. Enjoy.

CP 109: What's your Loadout?

Here at the CONTROL POINT OFFICES, we are dedicated to bringing you the most compelling programming that we can. And in our hundreds of hours of TF2 podcasting, we have found no more engaging content than discussing which weapons we are currently using with each class. The intricate nature of why someone would choose a given weapon over another is the pinnacle of our craft. And so, we'd like to include you in this superior week of broadcasting magnificence.


CP 108: Pe Pe

Hey, HEY, hey! Welcome to the pe-pe! I got sumpthin to say-ay! CP all the way-ay! (Yeah, I have no real idea where I'm going with this, either.) But yeah... so... umm... this week we have Mr. Eagle! That's something of note, right?

CP 107: Trade ya!

Control Point breaks new ground with our riveting, real-time trading.  We test the new beta trade system by "doing it live", and boy-howdy does it make for compelling audio.  You'll gasp as you hear Brent try to find the beta authorization menu on his Mac.  You'll tremble as you hear Spencer actually engage in a trade with Brent!  You will gawk as the trade actually completes!  It's like magic... on the radio!

CP 106: A Fabulous Episode

Beginning of a new paradigm in entertainment? Or just the twisted ravings echoing from a gaggle of lunatics? We vote the latter.

CP 105: PlayOnCon 2011

We are at PlayOnCon this week. There's lots of people in the audience, among them is the awesome 4L clan. They are awesome!

CP 104: Pwned

This week's episode features Madlep of Ubercharged.net. Broadcasting from his car, we get his opinions on the Cow Mangler, we repeatedly try to correctly pronounce "Grordbort", and we pretend to be dissapointed in Mr. Eagle.

CP 103: Maz Destruction

This week we trade out Wes for Maz, bringing us some Aussie flare, or is he from Alaska? Don't confuse Maz with the famous John Mazz, who gets a few mentions in this very episode.