CP 113: TFC

TFC?  Yeah you know me.. now the campaign to make it free!  Now that would be a decree, and please stop listening when we talk about the bee.  Cause it's not a fun topic you see.  Be free, the the dwpp.  That's right, I said free. Like this episode, 113.


CP 111: Burnt Coplan

Another week, another story of Brent's magnificent shotgun. You'd think we'd get tired of the topic, but we keep getting to hear about how freakin' awesome it is. And now we even get to watch him frag us with a phallic rocket launcher. So instead, we fly away to a faraway place where we dream of haberdasheries for hardware, the origin of the heavy's lunch, and overenlarged scouts. Bon Voyage!


CP 110: Trading Schmading.. WHERE'S ERIC?!

The DWPN Just isn't the same without Eric Fullerton, and neither was this episode. In an Homage to Eric, I am writing this post in the past, looking at the future. A sort of posting Time Travel. He digs that stuff, and he digs that guy from Evil Dead as well. Anyways, he's at Dragon*Con and we've got a guest this week, Commander Schwegs, from the Unusual Trading Community who is going to tell us how to fill our backpacks up, without having to beg audience listeners for extra gear! Though we'll still do that.. It just wouldn't be the same...ya know. Enjoy.