CP 37: Fastlane Impressions

Mr. Eagle has some time to join us in this episode, “The Week After”, to discuss a creation started by he and JohnMazz. There are more people working on it now, and they’d like to get more input, so be sure to follow the link below to help them out.


And here’s just a bit more of what you can expect:

CP 36: Pyro Unlocks

HUDDA HUDDA HUDDA! Get ready for, a BBQ boys and girls! This week a new update of the Pyro class was unleashed and the boys of Control Point extiguish the rumors and add fuel to the fire on the hot topic of the Pyro Unlocks. But wait, that isn’t all.


After taking off the mask, here’s a few more things you can expect to hear about:

CP 35: In Drag

Viewers asked for some Q&A, I guess above and beyond letting folks submit questions each week, so we took some time in the live chat room to take some questions, but that’s at the end of the show.


There’s plenty that goes on before that, and here’s just a little of what you can expect:

CP 34: Steel

This week, SigmaSin joins us to explains the twisting, turning, otherwise confusing map that is CP_STEEL.


Come sit, relax, and listen to these exciting tidbits of TF2 goodness:

CP 33: Dominator

Yay! Spencer is back! Much talk on new maps played and some talk on Conan. And a bunch of CP updates as well as Valve updates!


Here’s just a few more tidbits you can expect: