CP 109: What's your Loadout?

Here at the CONTROL POINT OFFICES, we are dedicated to bringing you the most compelling programming that we can. And in our hundreds of hours of TF2 podcasting, we have found no more engaging content than discussing which weapons we are currently using with each class. The intricate nature of why someone would choose a given weapon over another is the pinnacle of our craft. And so, we'd like to include you in this superior week of broadcasting magnificence.


CP 108: Pe Pe

Hey, HEY, hey! Welcome to the pe-pe! I got sumpthin to say-ay! CP all the way-ay! (Yeah, I have no real idea where I'm going with this, either.) But yeah... so... umm... this week we have Mr. Eagle! That's something of note, right?

CP 107: Trade ya!

Control Point breaks new ground with our riveting, real-time trading.  We test the new beta trade system by "doing it live", and boy-howdy does it make for compelling audio.  You'll gasp as you hear Brent try to find the beta authorization menu on his Mac.  You'll tremble as you hear Spencer actually engage in a trade with Brent!  You will gawk as the trade actually completes!  It's like magic... on the radio!

CP 106: A Fabulous Episode

Beginning of a new paradigm in entertainment? Or just the twisted ravings echoing from a gaggle of lunatics? We vote the latter.

CP 105: PlayOnCon 2011

We are at PlayOnCon this week. There's lots of people in the audience, among them is the awesome 4L clan. They are awesome!