CP 45: The Heavy Unlocks

A week with the Heavy Unlocks. What do your hosts think about them? Chaos was busy getting his son’s foot sewn back on from a dispenser malfunction accident, so he was not able to make this podcast.


But don’t fret, there’ still a bunch of stuff worth listening to:

CP 44: Heavy Update

With the Heavy Unlocks just released, we discuss what is coming for the heavy and other thoughts about TF2.


But wait, don’t go — that’s not all, you can all get these other fine additions:

CP 43: Goldrush

Back on the TF2 train, hardcore with all your tactics, tips and tricks for the map pl_goldrush. Thanks to everyone for all the wonderful tips. Over an extra 1/2 hour of content this week! We’re monsters I tell you! What’s next!? Oh yeah.. Episode 44.


CP 46: DragonCon

We have returned from Dragon*Con in Atlanta, GA. We sure did see alot of TF2 cosplay.


What’s in this episode, you ask?

CP 42: The Oprah Trump Gates Episode

We’re trying something new to help out with the load of the mp3′s. You can either d/l it normally on the feed, or the link below is on a different server. Don’t forget to send in your tips and tricks for next week’s podcast!