CP 02: The Medic

In our second episode, we concentrate on the Medic who is a great class to have around TF2, even without the conc grenades. We will also discuss our views on proper playing, tips, tricks, and many other things to help you achieve victory.


Topics Include:
  • Machinima Review: Ignus Solis (Burn Alone)
  • The Medic Class
    • Weapons and Healing Gun, strengths and weaknesses
    • physics of syringe gun used to your advantage.
    • protecting yourself with your movements ( v. soldier, scout, spy, sentry)
    • Picking the most valuable targets to heal and uber
    • Spreading the uber love.
  • Some Live Action Costumes!
  • A map for dueling: Duel Duel 2
  • And be sure to join our Steam Community
  • And Much More!

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